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Acupuncture in Japan

 Acupuncture is a naturopathy that enhances the body’s natural healing abilities and promotes well-being by stimulating selected points on the body called “Tsubo (acu-points) with thin needles.  Since the locations of Tsubo may shift slightly depending on a person’s condition, the acupuncturist will need to confirm their location by gently stroking or pressing on the surface of the skin before stimulation.

 In Japan, acupuncturists generally employ gentle stimulation.  There are various styles of acupuncture, ranging from traditional methods to techniques based on modern anatomy and physiology.  Acupuncture needles are certified as medical devices, and handled by licensed acupuncturists or doctors only. The most commonly used needles are thinner than a human hair and insertion of the needles are usually painless.  However, you may feel sensations such as tingling, achiness, heaviness or deep pressure.  If you feel any pain or discomfort, let your acupuncturist know and he/she will make the necessary adjustments.


 Moxibustion (the burning of mugwort on or near the body) is often incorporated in a treatment, according to the patient’s condition.

Effective Symptoms

Acute/chronic fatigue, shoulder discomfort (stiffness, frozen shoulder), lower back pain, neuralgia, headache, sinus infection, indigestion, sciatica, anxiety, and many other symptoms that are not listed here. Please ask us about anything in particular you are concerned with.

About Sojinbok

Sojinbok acupuncture clinic is situated in the heart of Ginza with access from both Ginza and Higashi-Ginza metro station.

Prices (tax not included)


(acupuncture, moxibustion, dry massage)




  • The needles used at Sojinbok are pre-sterilized, single-use and 100% made in Japan.

  • For women only

  • Appointment required by e-mail

please answer the questions below

  • Name, e-mail address, phone number, and hotel name or address in Japan

  • Preferred date, time and treatment menu

  • Primary symptoms

  • Due to the size of treatment tables, patients must be under 183cm (≒6ft) and 90kg (≒200lb)

  • We accept VISA/MASTER/AMEX

  • Our English speaking ability is everyday conversation level.  If you have further questions about our treatment, please let us know in advance and we will respond by e-mail.

Thank you very much for visiting our Web site.

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